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Pro2Pro Machining Services is capable of manufacturing parts small enough to require cutting tools down to .005” in diameter or parts big enough to require a cutting tool that is up to 8” in diameter that fit within the 84” X 32” X 30” envelope. Pro2Pro has the experience to cover any aspect within those part sizes even 4th axis parts that are up to 6FT + in length. Pro2Pro’s precision machinists are capable of delivering tolerances that are within .0005” on large parts and tolerances within .0002” on smaller parts. We serve many industries from biotechnology to aerospace; from the computer industry to automotive and satellites to the space station. Pro2Pro Machining Services have served many industries and have done it successfully.

Our capabilities include high volume production runs that require lights out machining to help control costs. We use a bar fed lathe to keep the stock rolling into the machine throughout the night to keep up with demand. Our high volume production on the mill will allow us to run several pallets worth of materials for extended time without human intervention. Our lights out can also be for those parts that take hours to machine and that is possible on any of our machines. When it comes to making large parts that have many features and take up a good portion of our tables lights out machining can make it so we can deliver parts sooner on those rush orders. We can generally turn out a new job in less than a week when the customer demands a really fast turnaround.

Give Pro2Pro Machining Services a chance to show you the money, by helping save you dollars on your parts. We find that we are very competitive with many regions of the United States and we have even found that we can beat pricing from overseas depending on the part volume to be run. We are capable of working with customers on new assemblies and not just single parts. We have found on more than one occasion that new assemblies sometimes have discrepancies with the tolerances between parts. By catching those tolerance issues before the part is made helps the customer save money and time getting what they need without issue. We pride ourselves in being thorough in planning part runs to minimize mistakes that arise from the design process and make their way to the production side of the part.